Add a Cajun Touch to a Wedding Celebration

Cajun food and culture is a favorite of people throughout the deep south and beyond. Many honor their heritage by adding Cajun traditions, food and music to their weddings and other events. New Orleans is known for its Mardi Gras celebration and including a touch of what makes this famous annual gathering unique will liven up any party. This type of event does not need to be held in the south. Invited guests will enjoy themselves no matter where it takes place. A wedding service and a reception with a Cajun flair will stand out when compared to all the other Anaheim Events.

Include the Traditions

Cajun families in the deep south have kept a lot of the traditions begun by their ancestors. Adding some of these will make a wedding interesting and meaningful. This could be the simple act of jumping over a broom, a method of signifying a couple were married until a priest made it official. Performing a waltz, having the guests pin money to the bride’s veil and singing old Cajun wedding songs together are other common traditions.

Add Some Food

Food was an important part of a wedding reception. Gumbo, a dish made with sausage and shrimp, was almost always served. Cajun cuisine is loved for its heartiness and its rich, spicy flavor. Rural Louisiana families developed the fare to make use of their local resources. This is why many dishes include seafood, chicken and crayfish as well as bell peppers and onions. Garlic and cayenne pepper are staple seasonings that are almost always included along with many other local favorites. Catering services that offer Cajun cooking include many of the traditional recipes served alongside a number of updated dishes.

Remember the Music

New Orleans is know for its Jazz music and this is the one addition to an event that will help it to stand out the most. Jazz, Cajun and Zydeco music has played in homes, bars and on street corners around Louisiana for generations. The lively music is perfect for a wedding reception and is guaranteed to get people out onto the dance floor.

Themed weddings are more popular than ever and this is a theme that everyone will love. It does not require elaborate decorations or expensive gourmet treats. A Cajun reception offers great music, hearty food and a lot of fun. It is a wonderful way to celebrate a special day.