Blooming Tea Can Make Each Morning Great

Blooming Tea is a special tea that will speak to each sense. Not only does it taste and smell delicious but it also delights the eyes because it blooms while being steeped. This special tea can be enjoyed any time of the day but is particularly special when enjoyed each morning, before one starts their day. The entire process, from start to finish, becomes a treasured routine that makes each day start off just right.

This tea is unlike any other because it is made from actual flowers and whole green tea leaves. The tea balls look unassuming when first pulled from the package but once it comes into contact with boiling water, it seems to come alive. This tea ball first begins to respond with the outer green tea leaves. As the leaves open, the special bright yellow blossom is revealed and then it begins to blossom into full bloom, creating a beautiful pot or cup of tea that everyone will find unique.

It is exciting to watch the magic happen, almost like the opening of a rosebud. This seems to make the moment even more special so it is recommended people use a clear glass pot so they can watch the flower open as it steeps. Because the tea leaves and petals are sewn together, the entire bloom stays intact and can be used three to four times, until the flavor has been completely extracted.

This tea is beautiful for special occasions but any day can become special when it is steeped. When the tin is opened, one will be able to immediately smell the delicious aromas of melons, strawberries, and peaches. Flavors like cherry, black currant, cactus melon, and sugar melon are also available. Because the petals are infused with real fruits, there is no artificial flavor added.

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